Meet The Founder

Chronspire’s founder, Lawrence Leyderman, has spent his entire professional life in the watch industry. At one time or another, he has been involved in every aspect of watchmaking, from sales to design and manufacturing, to branding and marketing, and everything in between.

During his years in the industry, Lawrence recognized a need in the market that was going unmet – no matter how many watches and watch companies he encountered, there never seemed to be a quality timepiece that was both genuinely well-made and truly affordable. So in 2012, to address this gap, he founded his first company, House of Horology, and unexpectedly found his calling. Now, he brings that same passion for craftsmanship and cutting-edge watch design to his newest venture, Chronspire.

For the past three years, he has been developing a groundbreaking new collection, The Basilisk, which takes its inspiration from and pays homage to the fabled protector of Basel, Switzerland. This inaugural collection combines a strong, revolutionary design with a heavy focus on quality, precision and durability. The resulting timepiece is a masterpiece of meticulous planning, high-concept design, and cutting-edge materials.

Lawrence is a true believer in the idea that a watch is a deeply personal object, one that allows its wearer to move through the world with confidence while making a bold statement. With this in mind, Lawrence’s goal is to design and release two collections each year, so there is something for everyone. Future collections will include, among others, a reversible watch and a collection for her!

Lawrence has also been busy creating a non-profit organization, Project Good Time, to help others learn the life skills that watchmaking has taught him. Project Good Time’s goal is to create workshops for middle- and high-school students, where they will learn about the science and technology of watchmaking. Students will have the opportunity to create their own timepieces while developing design, entrepreneurship, leadership, and team-building skills. Stay tuned for more information.